New show! Hole in the Wall.

Well be hitting up Hole in the Wall with our friends from Anam Mila, August 17th.


A video: I One It, You Two It


Put together a little video for “I One It, You Two It” from The Race EP. It’s not too great, but the current version of iMovie is… well, not so good. But I had a bunch of goofy recording footage taken on iPhones and Flip cameras so here you go. I hope it reflects the low-tech, sometimes monotonous, but always fun process of recording with Sharks.


Thanks! Phase 3 begins…

Just wanted to thank everyone for coming out last night to Beale Street Tavern. Sorry that things got cut short, that was partially just how the night was going and partially our extended setup time. Beale St. were missing some cables, which caused a little logistical issue, and then we had some power cables die. No fun. But you move on!

We chose to end with “Silver Lining” and “Firecracker” for an important reason: At least for quite a while, that was our last show with Deb. She’ll be recording with us to commit some of the songs we’ve been playing to a new EP, but you may have noticed that she’s reaching a time when she won’t be able to play with us any more. She’ll always be a shark, and hopefully sometime in the future we can welcome her back on stage. Let’s call it an extended maternity leave. We wish her the best, I know she’s gonna be an awesome mom.

And then there were two, right? We hope to get some new blood in there to fill things out on stage, and we’ve learned from these recent shows that we’re not going to take on so many responsibilities per person (especially me). Distribution of labor!

So… stay tuned for a new EP soon and look for Sharks MK III out there in the near future. Watch this space for info on two-piece or Daniel solo sets.

Going back to Beale St.

We hope everyone had fun at the Beale St. Tavern a few weeks back. We definitely did. We’ve ironed out some kinks and switched up some songs in the set and we’re going back on the 16th. We’ll be joined by our friend in Day Vs. Night as well as Modrag and Subspace. Sharks are at 10.

Show at Beale St Tavern

…And we’re back! Time to get rocking here.

Doors at 7pm, All Ages, $5

8pm You Might Think We Are Sharks
9pm Rambler Rose
10pm Anam Mila
11pm Ukemi

I haven’t heard the other acts, but Ukemi was also on the Austin Sound Sampler compilation with us and they are a very cool band. This should be a cool show, Beale St. is located underneath the Parish downtown and they’re going for the same kind of high-quality, great audio, nice show-going experience.

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