Practice Photos

Here are some practice photos taken by Kyle Woods at Skyking Photography for us the other night. Check him out, he does staged and live shots, he’s reasonable, and as you can see he’s very good.


Photos: Carousel, September 2012

Here are some photos by Carla, mostly Hipstamatic, from our show with Julandrew at the Carousel Lounge on September 26th. Some are a bit dark, but they’re pretty exciting either way!

Thanks, and welcome new friends

Thanks to everyone who came to the Carousel last night. It was a fun, laid-back, loose kind of evening. Julandrew closed out the night with a short but fantastic set.

Photo by our new friend Crystal. Here it is on Facebook.

Upcoming shows

Hey all! We have some shows coming up. Next Wednesday, the 26th, at the Elephant-tastic Carousel Lounge with the super cool Julandrew, who we’ve been itching to play with for a long time. Then October 12th we finally get our butts back to the Rockin’ Tomato, the place where we played our first few shows. We love it there, and we’re also reunited with Isaac and the World Racketeering Squad, so this should be a fun time.

Welcome the new Sharks

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to Hole in the Wall, both old friends and new. Time for some business. What I’m calling Sharks version 4 made its debut on Friday, and we couldn’t be happier with how things went, considering we’d barely even gotten together when we decided to do the show.

photo by Carla

So firstly, welcome Sean to the fold. He comes to us from California (yes, I know) where he played in Ample Parking. He’s apparently never played along with electronics and backing tracks, but he seems to have picked that up rather fast. I’ve played with drummers who couldn’t/wouldn’t even work with a click track, or became robotic once they did, but Sean has added that human element back to our rhythms.

And also, a good friend and longtime supporter, Julian is stepping up to the guitar to give me a bit more freedom to do keys and electronics. He’s one of the most tasteful, creative, appropriate guitarists I’ve worked with, and you may have heard his blend of traditional and textural playing in the spacey psych bands Seven Percent Solution or Lacuna Incorporated before. He’s also filled in the hole in our vocal harmonies left by Deb.

Daniel and I are stoked to welcome these guys. In a few months we’ll both have new babies to take up our time and will probably be putting Sharks on another (hopefully short) break, but in the meantime we hope to get this lineup out there a bunch.

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