Everything old is new again: our first LP


We’re proud to announce the release of our first LP, and though it’s collected from old material, it’s all been expertly remastered by our guy Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio and packaged with art by painter Erin Mader (both, coincidentally, from Ohio).

The tracks were pulled from all 3 EPs, remastered, re-sequenced for maximum flowness, and will with any luck appear in all the usual spots on March 16. It’s $7 on Bandcamp and $9 on CD. You can pre-order on Bandcamp now.

However! Get it for free if you come see us during SXSW at Caritas. Yes. We will have them, and we will give them to you.

New Austin compilation and first new Sharks recording

The new Austin Sound Sampler compilation for 2013 is out on Bandcamp (CDs coming soon).¬†As with last year, it’s a totally DIY, collaborative, multi-genre effort. Unlike last year, this one has a brand new and exclusive Sharks song, the first one with our new lineup.

These are some unique and hardworking indie bands around Austin that might not be part of any SXSW showcase you go to but are out there playing shows, recording, and generally just killing it all year long.

It’s free to download or stream on Bandcamp. Go see any of the bands to get a free CD (which are off at the pressing plant right now). Give this a share or hit the “like” button over on the bandcamp page, not just for us but for 14 other rad bands.

Our track:

SXSW updates

Can you feel the collective teeth clenching in Austin as everyone gears up for SXSW? We have a few plans, although you won’t see us at any official showcases.

We’ll be playing at Caritas of Austin on 7th just off Red River on Thursday the 14th at 9pm. They’re going to have music all day, everything’s free, so come by while you’re downtown, see us play, and learn about the good work they do there.

While you’re there, grab a copy of the new Austin Sound Sampler CD compilation. You may remember the first one from last year featuring great bands like Day Vs Night, WRS, Anam mila, the Millipede, Ukemi, and tons more. Nick from DvN has put a new version together this year with some of the same bands and some new ones. We’ve recorded a new song specifically for it, and barring any major CD pressing issues it’ll be ready and we’ll be giving them away for free.


Who needs fancy studios anyway #sharks via Instagram http://instagr.am/p/ValLMhTOhl/

A new song, recorded at practice

Here’s a very new jam called “Wind & Surface” that we recorded last night at practice to share.

It’d figure that as soon as we decide to post a song, Soundcloud starts having issues. So I hope this plays for you!

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