Rocktober is here!

Well… it’s almost here.

We plan on picking up a couple shows this month, but in the meantime mark your chronographic instrumentation for Rocktober 25th at Emo’s. I know… it’s a Monday. That’s rough for a lot of people, ourselves included. But we’re pretty excited to be playing at Emo’s with our friends Day vs. Night (formerly The Night) and World Racketeering Squad, and a good turnout here means good things in the future for us.

You know, like weekend shows.

The good news is, not too many great show conflicts on a Monday, so I hope that some of you can forego turning into a pumpkin at 9pm and come out. Thanks!

Thanks! and more shows

Thanks large to all our friends who came to the TXRD roller derby bout on Saturday and watched us play instead of staking out a seat in the bleachers! It was great.

This week Deb is back from Germany and we’re stoked to be back together to play at the Ghost Room on Friday night.

We’ll be playing with the Dashing Suns, a really awesome catchy rock and roll band on tour from Oakland California. They have kind of a raucous garage-y sound with super catchy (we’re talking Ramones-catchy) melodies that make me think of the beach. Sounds like something you’d hear on Little Steven’s show and they should be really fun to watch. The other locals on the bill are Seaholm Electric, a post-punk revival kinda band in the vein of the Cure or Joy Division with a hint of 90s shoegaze style.

Rock the Tomato again

Head on over to the Rockin’ Tomato on South Lamar on August 6th to check us along with our favorite nerdwavers World Racketeering Squad.

I’ll be there, I’m pretty sure!

Carousel Lounge!

Probably thanks to the Pecan St. Fair, the Carousel was pretty dead on the weekend but we did manage to get some friends in to check us out. Also playing were the Den-Tones, a hooky classic rock kinda band full of Fenders and catchy tunes, and Jennifer Ellen Cook, doing a solo set full of her own tunes and karaoke-worthy covers like “Hallelujah” and “I Will Survive.” Tell you what, she’s got a fantastic voice.

We had some issues from the get-go: a mixer we couldn’t get to work (thanks to Bruce from WRS for jiggling the right thing — I think we ended up in mono but if you could tell the difference on that thing you get a cookie), a lack of monitors, and a little extra electricity coming through my mic. But all ended up sounding great in the end. We extended a couple songs with improvisation, Daniel and I leveled up our witty banter skills, and overall we clicked together well despite a recent dearth of practice…

Anyway, thanks huge to Isaac and the rest of the World Racketeering Squad for giving up their spot when the schedule started to break down. Check them out at the Carousel this Friday, it’s always a fun show. Oh, and if you want liquor, bring your own…

Daniel on the radio!

Daniel appeared on Ben Hendrix’s Show on LifeJive internet radio Thursday night. He played some Sharks tunes and a few of his own as well. Between songs he fields some of the usual questions and explains the origins of some of our jams.

Drop by, leave a comment, tell Ben how much you think he’s a swell guy for having Daniel on the show. Here are the songs that Daniel plays:

  1. Summer Moon (which is now a new Sharks song! This one kills!)
  2. City Song
  3. Firecracker
  4. Constant Following Companion
  5. Heart Transplant

Listen to it on LifeJive here!

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