First Sharks 2.0 show!

The good news is, we’re putting our tunes together and playing a show! The bad news is, Deb won’t be there since promoting some video game is more important (I kid! It’s only the biggest game of the century), so we’ll try to keep her there in spirit.

It’s a house party during the day on Saturday in the middle of SXSW. Ride your bike so you don’t have to park! Bands start at 1, we’re on at 3. Hope to see you there. Here’s a map.

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New year, lots of changes.

Hi all. It’s been a while since one of us posted here, but we’ve been pretty busy. We had some great shows toward the end of 2010, and we hope to do plenty more this year, but at the moment we’re in the midst of a shake-up and a reorganization. Pardon me if this goes long, it deserves a few words.

What’s in the box?

We started the year losing Mike D, who left YMTWS to focus on going back to school while also working two jobs. We’re really disappointed, but we wish him all the best, and envy whatever band might find themselves playing with him next, if he chooses to do so.

Mike D

Rather than spend the time necessary to get someone new in that chair — not a “replacement,” mind you, Mike D can’t be replaced — in a place like Austin where wannabe rockstars are plentiful and great drummers are hard to find, we hit on some interesting thoughts:

  • I’ve been writing and performing electronic music for a good 15 years
  • Daniel writes many of his tunes with the aid of a Korg Electribe rhythm synth
  • Deb is already using a computer onstage.

Why not look for our new drummer in a box?

Playing with a full band is a ton of fun, and one of the great joys in life for all of us, but there’s so many directions we can go and so many possibilities open to us that my head spins.

Changes on the low end

That made the next change perhaps(?) less of a blow strategically, but from a personal standpoint… not so much. Really a bummer. A few days ago Isaac also left the ranks of the Sharks as his work ramps up and his other group World Racketeering Squad deals with some changes of their own. Of course we wish him the best also — beyond being a great cat he’s an incredibly creative person and the best “guitarist playing bass” I’ll probably ever work with — and we hope to see plenty of WRS over 2011 and beyond. Things aren’t going to be the same, and again we’re not going to try to replace him because we’ll just be comparing anyone else unfairly to Isaac.


Moving forward

So, what’s in store for the future? We’ll be reworking some old songs, adding some new ones, and experimenting with different ways to execute those tunes on stage with a wide variety of gear and methods. Deb, Daniel, and myself will have to pull double-duty in a lot of cases, but I think we’re up to the challenge. Wish us luck, and I hope to be posting some of our studio experiments to this blog and to Facebook as we work on them. Thanks for your support, and don’t forget about Sharks in the meantime!

Back to the Tomato

Hi all. We’re happy to come back to the Rockin’ Tomato this Saturday to play with our good buddies the World Racketeering Squad. If you haven’t seen WRS lately, do come down, they have a huge amount of new material, including a new EP that they’ll be pimping. Isaac also assured me they have a bunch of CDs and junk to give away from various bands (not us unfortunately, although someday very soon we do hope to have some recordings!).

And what about Sharks? We’ll be playing a brand spanking new song. I’m stoked on being pumped!

WRS is on at 9, then us after that. Come early, celebrate Isaac’s last show as a single man, and have some tasty pizza.

Just another awesome Monday

This coming Monday the 15th we’ll be joining our fellow Kings of Monday, Day vs. Night, in the small room at the Mohawk. I’m pretty stoked about playing one of the coolest bars on Red River or anywhere. Doors at 9pm with the DIY-disco-glam stylings of Attack Power! You’ll probably enjoy them a lot if you’re a fan of  bands like LCD Soundsystem.

Should be a total blast.

Photos from Sharks at Carousel, May 2010

Here’s something fun I found.

Jess took some shots of us a while back at the Carousel Lounge, and really when you think about it, no pictures of the giant pink elephant should go unseen. I don’t have them all, but I’ll add them when I do.

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