First new show!

Well, it’s finally that time. We’re playing. And it’s double-scary, since not only is this our first show with the current setup, it’s a pretty unique type of show for us. We’re going to be providing some of the live entertainment at the first PUPAPALOOZA fest, a benefit for the Animal Trustees of Austin and the Humane Society. Should be a lot of fun — You can bring your dog, eat some dog treats, check out dozens of vendors, and from 1-2pm you can watch Daniel, Deb, and Mike nervously strum their way through the first show of the rest of their lives. Come hear some new songs, and hear some old ones in new ways. We would love to see some friendly faces out there.

New song: Be My Be My

We’ve been a bit bogged down lately in complicated song structures and dense arrangements, so we decided to take a quick stab at recording a new song of Daniel’s live in the garage with 3 room mics. Deb even decided to pick up a guitar for this one! Check it out, it turned out pretty well.

Song removed. Now available on the Whatever You Like (27 Dogwalkers) EP, released soon.

Still working…

We’ve been quiet for a while, I know. But Daniel and Deb and I have been crushing it, recording new versions of old songs and even newer versions of new songs. We have two in progress right now, “All Around You,” (one of mine) and “I Don’t Even,” one of Daniel’s best in a while. It’s so stuck in my head it’s not even funny. The harmonies Daniel and Deb are doing are just killing me. Hang on tight, these will both be done soon. From there… we’re going to start booking shows again, so get your dancing shoes on!

Silver Lining

Here’s another new song that isn’t really new. You might even recognize it if you’ve been to a show. We’ve really been enjoying this recording, and I hope y’all enjoy hearing the results.

Silver Lining

First new song!

We have 5 or 6 songs now in our new incarnation — some you’ve heard, some are new, some Daniel may have played for you in a tender Barry-White-esque fireside moment. But we’ve finally recorded one. This is called “You (The Sound of Cars)” and it’s been kicking around in one form or another for a while but now it’s committed to disk in its current (in progress) form. Let us know what you think over on FB.

You (The Sound of Cars)

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