Inside Sharky's Machine

No… no Burt Reynolds here, but I thought you might want to see what powers the new live “sound of sharks.” To start, how about my Odyssey rack case and everything in it.

At the top is my dirt-old Behringer Eurorack mixer. They don’t make these guys anymore, and frankly most Behringer gear is not especially exciting or high quality but this is one of the cheapest rackmount mixers with enough channels for us to do what we need that exists out there. The last channel is labeled “iPod” but is just as likely to have a Korg Monotron or other small goofy thing plugged into it. It still has a sticker from one of my old bands, Custom Car Commandos, stuck to it. On the front side of the rack, we have an almost-equally ghetto setup.

At the top is a BBE bass preamp, which I got from a friend for literally nothing when he moved to Africa. It allows us to travel out without a bass amp, which would really be a drag considering we use a live bass on two songs at this point.

Under that is a dbx 1066, which is totally cheating because I rented it for the show on Sunday. It’s the least cheapo thing in this rack, which is easily explained by the fact that I don’t actually own it. The 1066 is a gold-standard in the recording world for all kinds of compression. We’re using it on the master to smooth out the sound and to prevent the also-rented PA from blowing up when I drop an espresso on a mixer fader and suddenly the kick drum or Deb’s voice sharply cuts through the mix at +2000db. We might be mistaken for pros with this thing on our side!

Which brings me to the final piece of gear, the Behringer Virtualizer. I snagged this for $35 on eBay. It’s an effects processor that can run in stereo or two mono, with two separate effects on it. I use it for some nice reverbs on the vocals and a fancy delay when I have the free hands to adjust the send knob on the mixer. Which is usually never. It makes a ton of hiss, especially for a digital unit, but hey, the reverb is really nice and it was 35 bucks.

That last thing is just a drawer. It’s where I keep things. What kind of things?? I don’t have to tell you anything!


CD versions of 27 Dogwalkers are coming. We’ll have them at the Mozart’s show.

The CD will have a hand-silkscreened cover (yes, screened by us), an exclusive download of a track you won’t be able to get otherwise, and a sticker. All for such a ridiculous price, you’ll think someone else stole our CDs and is trying to get rid of them.

Stay tuned for news about the next EP, coming before you know it.

Show at Mozart's October 30

Whelp, guys, it’s time to get back on that horse. Let’s make some music.

Yes, that’s a new face. Jess will be joining us on acoustic geetar and singification.

We’ll be playing October 30, the eve of spookytimes, at the way-awesome Mozart’s coffee house on Lake Austin Blvd (right next to Hula Hut), with piano-toting singer-songwriter Tamara Miller.

We’ll be on around 8:30pm, with Tamara Miller playing both before and after our set. Come enjoy some coffee, cheesecake, and tunes.

EP Available to all

Our new EP Whatever You Like (27 Dogwalkers) is up on Bandcamp for everyone. It’s 4 quick tunes, a little electronic and a little folky, a little hi-fi and a little lo-fi. I hope you enjoy it. You can stream for free as much as you want, or download for a measly $3. A pittance!

I think you could probably consider this our debut, since in the 3 years we’ve been doing this, there’s not really a lot of documented recorded evidence, and nothing we put together. Once again, we hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned for show dates.

New EP! Free for Pupapalooza guests

Thanks to everyone who came out to Pupapalooza and made it a fun time! Sure, it was hot enough to melt a dog’s paws, but the bacon flavored snow cones seemed to help. We gave out some flyers with codes printed on them, they’re good for a free download of our new EP Whatever You Like (27 Dogwalkers). Follow the link on the right side of the site, or right here. If you have any problems whatsoever, contact us here or on Facebook.

Right now, the EP is exclusive, but we’re going to release it to everyone else for public consumption soon. And I hope that more EPs follow soon after, we have a lot of songs we’re working on.

As for the EP — you have probably heard versions of these songs before, these are the finished and somewhat mastered versions of tunes we put up on Soundcloud for a while. We hope you like them!

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