I don’t know when I first saw
underneath the house out there
I just remember you there
reaching out as it crumbled away
there was a world above you
and it was all in your mind
I want to hold out my hand
but they’re all pulling me back

suddenly I want to
see inside of everywhere
suddenly I realize
you live your life inside a place
when I see the flickers
of shadows moving around
I want to see who made them
but now I have to be here

Guess it all comes down to how you want to live
but if Time is what they want from me, it’s all I have to give

I took a ride out to
a derelict station with no trains
I walked along the tracks to
where I started in Tennessee
I took the stairs down to
the places you had appeared
I want to go back
but the roads are crumbling here

finally I realize
you’re brothers and sisters all to me
I wait a long time for
more of your faces to appear
finally I get it
the concerete structures are dead
I want to be here now
your home is floating here

When I think about it, it kinda makes me sad
but if Blood is what they want from us, Blood is all we have

I saw a flower
growing alone in
a withering badland
When I thought to pick it
it wilted in my hands
and dropped to the cold sand
But spreading out from where it fell
the green of the springtime
growing and entwined
As soon as the blooming began
it all died again
and crumbled to nothing
But I have my own dreams
so I planted a seed
and it’ll grow everywhere