Don’t forget this is the last time
You said you’d leave
Your face didn’t show it but you planned on staying
One more night

All the pieces fall
To the floor
You said that was the best time but I
I ignore

I love you for a lifetime
You know you’ll always be mine
Each day I fall in love again

You walked into the yard and then
Showed me a scar from a friend
You told me the story was complicated
I laughed
And said come in

Don’t leave
I’ll change
One step back is all I need

Don’t even laugh
Don’t hide your face
Show me silly pictures
of the friends you made

If you’ll just wait a minute
I’ll follow you outisde
We’ll run to our heart’s content
Won’t let our feelings die

The air is so refreshing
Reminds me of that night
So crisp, so clean, you know it felt
So right.