I really need you in the saddest way
I past my rope I’ve fallen down
You bring your love it make me act this way
Rather cry alone then to scream and shout

I’d sing all night until my voice goes out
And try your perfect harmonies
Tear into pieces all the words I write
If it means I touch you just one more time

My only one
But you’re my
Calm the rocks provoke the sea

Looking at your colors baby why
As we drive softly down the road
The wind it tries to blow our laughs away
Blue in your eyes tried to tell us so

I’d drive all night to swim in your subtle
Next day make faces in the clouds
Make sure your lovin is a part of me
Then carelessly drive in


If I fade I’d like a t-shirt
Video and put it on the web
Get other phones in our network
To say something nice
On the way that I turn red