Baby baby come close to me

You can show me all your wildest dreams
Sit next to me and talk of deep deep sleep

You could get a dime or two
Through the windows and the stairs
Current events and what time means to you

Be my, be my only one.

Like to give you a skyline view
From the distance it looks so new
Something wrong can you manage all those lights

Hold me up don’t make me dream of you
Grab my hand and I will close my eyes
Don’t joke around,  just give me time with you

Be my, be my only one.

This is a shot in the dark
This is a day in your arms
This is a night all alone
This is a way to get you home

Think about it as you stand outside
Trailing off to go and find some guy
Thinks about you a little less than I do

Be my, be my only one.