There’s a light projecting out
From underneath something
Something all-encompassing

But it doesn’t quite illuminate
The darkness of
A life lived inside of this room

And even though it looks like we’re
Just sitting here it feels like
We’re waiting for something

And I’ve never been the kind of person
Who speculates
But maybe we’re all waiting for you

Maybe the world is in your eyes
Maybe your hair
Maybe your fingers (It’s all around you)
Maybe I saw what I call God
And half the cosmos
In the way you stand there (It’s all around you)
Maybe the people that you meet
Are all just there
Because they long (to be around you)
Maybe the sun and all the stars
The earth and sky
All of creation (revolves around you)

All these people want to wish on the stars
Well don’t they know
It doesn’t do anything

But when I’m standing around here with you
It feels like
Maybe it’s a world all its own

And even though it’s tearing down and building up
And undermining me
I feel like I can do anything

So maybe everyone who ever wanted wishes granted
Maybe they should wish upon me