You Might Think We’re Sharks formed, more or less, in 2010 when Mike set a newly Craiglisted drum kit up in his apartment directly under where Daniel and Josh played their acoustic tunes.

Since then we’ve gained and lost quite a few people. It’s starting to look like Spinal Tap in here.

Current lineup:

  • Daniel – Singing, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, Songs & Lyrics, salt & pepper.
  • Mike – Beats, Guitar, Uke, Piano and Organ, Synths, some Singing & Lyrics, 808 kick.
  • Julian – Guitar, Bass, Harmony Singing, space vapors.
  • Jeremy – Bass, Guitar, Singing, and Bruce Campbell.
  • Sean – Drums, Beats, Keys, Red Sox

Lineup on the albums

  • Daniel – Singing, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica, some fresh Beats
  • Mike – Guitar, Beats and Programming, Synth, Bass, occasional Singing
  • Deb – Singing, Piano, Organ, Rhodes

Other former members, we love ’em

  • Sean G – Drums
  • Isaac – Bass
  • Mike – Drums
  • Joshua – Guitar, Vocals, Violin