I was perusing the playlists over at KOOP 91.7 radio, where I knew a Sharks CD was circulating, just in case there’d been some action. And what do you know, “I Don’t Even” was played recently on the station’s fantastic Around The Town Sounds. The show is a fantastic multi-genre look at the Austin music scene where you can hear Mother Falcon next to Gary Clark and where Willie Nelson rubs shoulders with Brit Daniel and… Sharks. I’m kicking myself for not having heard it, even though I tend to listen to KOOP for large chunks of my Saturdays. I might have dropped a brick in my pants.

Anyway, if you’re a listener, call up the show from 5-6pm on Saturdays and request a song of ours. If you don’t think you’ll remember that, drop them an email at aroundthetownsounds@koop.org and tell ’em to play the band with the funny shark name.