Hi guys.

If you’re a Facebook fan, chances are you’ve seen this, but just in case you’re not and you happen to be here, lemme bend your ear for a second.

A local recording school here in Austin is sponsoring an unsigned band contest. It started with a group of folks from the conservatory narrowing the field to 30 with their Professional Judgment, and now the idea is to get to 4. And now it’s a popularity contest. Because, let’s face it: that is actually important in music.

So we’d love it if you could go to their site here: (http://www.trcoa.com/uac), connect to your Facebook (we promise they’re  legit but if you want to disconnect immediately, we understand), and slip in a vote for us. They say they’re checking IP addresses, so only one vote is necessary. Doesn’t take much work, doesn’t cost a thing, and it could help us out a lot. If you’re feeling particularly loving, you could share that link on your own social networks.

You can see on the site the full prize lineup for the top 4 acts, but it includes 100 hours of studio time, some mixing plugins, and an audience with some major players at Stubb’s next month.

Thanks for hearing us out. We love you! We have some tentative shows coming up, we’ll keep you posted.