Hi all. Fresh off knocking the pepperoni right outta the Rockin’ Tomato audience last Friday, I started putting this thing together. There are a lot of holes here still β€” no lyrics, songs, or videos to be seen, but at least I got something going, right? The pictures are courtesy Daniel’s super talented wife Jess (book her for your wedding, will ya?) from the Tomato show.

I also created a Facebook page, so if you’re not the type to check websites often or subscribe to RSS feeds, become a fan over there and you’ll never be behind the times.

Next on my to do list is to get some more photos up here and on FB, and hopefully we’ll get some video from Mike D’s roommate. Until next time, peace!

P.S. β€” If you came out to the Rockin’ Tomato, you are my hero and we love you.